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Preventing ED 

Did you know that that a full body massage including prostatic massage can help prevent erectile dysfunction?
Studies have found that men who get a regluar full body masage and prostate massage for erectile dysfunction experienced improvement. 

Prostate masasge

One hour minimum  

Come visit me  for a relaxing, smoothing massage that also focuses Erectile dysfunction (ED). 
1 hour starts at $99 to $129

Regular massage

One hour minimum

Step into Nicole's home and let all your worries, tension, and stress all slip away. You body will be touched with care and pleasure, to help you feel pure enjoyable sensations, in a comfortable and relaxed setting.
1 hour starts at $99 to 129

Special offers

One hour minimum

Buy a massage bundle of 4 to get more than 25% off. 
4 hour long sessions for $299


By guest writer

Instrumental in the treatment of prostate cancer and prostatitis and also useful in the sexual response cycle, prostate massage can simply be put as the stimulation of the male prostate gland for sexual stimulation or medical purposes. The prostate is just in front of the rectum and is one of the most important glands of the male reproductive system. It secretes a slightly alkaline fluid, milky or white in appearance, which constitutes 30% of the semen. The importance of the prostate cannot be overemphasized as it plays a major role in reproductive and sexual activities.

Prostate massages can be internal and external and can be performed by individuals or by the usage of sex toys otherwise known as prostate massagers. The internal prostate massage is mostly used in the line of conventional medicine although it can also be instrumental in sexual pleasure. It is mostly performed by medical experts such as doctors and urologists or individuals using several toys or fingers. Simply put, internal prostate massages involves inserting a lubricated gloved-finger into the rectum to massage the prostate or inserting an internal prostate massager to reach the prostate.

The external prostate massage is somewhat different from the internal prostate massage. It is so in the sense that it can be performed by sensual massage therapists and indivuduals using external prostate massagers. It can be done by stimulating a specific spot around the abdomen between the pubic bone and the belly button or by sitting on the external prostate massage device which is a soft rubbery device that is shaped similar to a bike seat. The external prostate massage is usually part of the massage therapy leading to a happy ending in happy ending or sensual massage parlors.

Apart from sexual pleasure and satisfaction, prostate massages have proven to be beneficial over the years. Prostate massage is part of the digital rectal examination (DRE) routinely given to men by urologists in order to look for nodules of prostate cancer and to obtain an expressed prostatic secretion (EPS) specimen for microscopy and microbiological culture to screen for prostatitis. Asides this, prostate massage can be used as a therapy and can be used in the treatment of painful ejaculation because it eases fluid blockages in your reproductive system. It can also be used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It also aids proper urine flow, prevents the build-up of prostatic fluid in the prostate, reduces the pain and discomfort of an inflamed prostate, and heightens sexual experience. 

In conclusion, the importance of the prostate cannot be overemphasized. The American Cancer society estimates that about 26,730 people died from prostate cancer in 2017. This statistics just emphasizes on the importance of a good prostate. In the cause of taking proper care of the prostate, prostate massages cannot be ignored. Be it internal or external, done by doctors or urologists or by using prostate massaging devices, it is safe to say that a good prostate massage is instrumental to the well-being of a good prostate.


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